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How’s the real estate market in Cincinnati?

How’s the real estate market in Cincinnati?

This is a question we get several times a week and its not as simple to answer as you’d think. Real estate is all about timing, location, price and condition.


Usually, the best time to sell your home is when there is the most demand. In Cinicinnati, the most transactions occur in the months March thru July. Plenty of homes sell (we are talking 1000’s every month) in the other months but locally the grass is greener, flowers are prettier in the spring and summer months so we can see double the amount of transactions in the prime season.


Some suburbs (Hyde Park, Oakley, Kenwood) and the best school districts (I’m not allowed to comment here) are always hot! Attractive shoping and dining along with where the kids go to school matters to most buyers.


Its seems the lower price points are always hot and for the past 3 years even the higher price points ($1m+) have been good! However, here in Cincinnati we are starting to see the higher price points slow down.
If there is one tip that will help you overcome location, price or timeing it would be condition. It seems like 95% of buyers want to buy something that is in great condition. Give effort! Effort does not have to be new kitchens and baths, your home needs to be loved and maintained with some flavor.
As of today, the Cincinnati MLS (does not include NKY) has 2332 single family homes on the market. Lets compare this to the last 5 years at the end of June:
2024 – 2339
2023 – 1829
2022 – 2154
2021 – 1893
2020 – 2474
2018 – 2821
In conclusion, we are still at very low inventory levels. When i started in this business in 2008 we had inventory levels here in Cincinnati that ranged from 10,000 to 16,000 single family homes and condos. If you are thinking about selling and buying, we have many years of appreciation ahead of us here locally.